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Brad is flexible and able to work with you to make the day flow seamlessly. Brad can learn songs of your choice or is more than happy to suggest appropriate music. He is fully equipped with his own PA system (one less thing to worry about!)


Acoustic music for the whole ceremony including, while guests are arriving, walking down the aisle, signing the registry, and walking out music. 

For the reception this package includes, relaxed chilled acoustic music while guests are arriving, during dinner and in between speeches. Music for your first dance can be performed by Brad or played from an iPod. 

 As the night progresses Brad is known to smoothly transition into fun dance tunes ensuring the atmosphere is kept alive. To keep your guests on the dance floor, Brad can switch over to Dj. (Approximately 8-10 hours) 


Includes relaxed music while guests are arriving at the reception, Brad will make the night flow seamlessly by playing while guests are enjoying their meal and in between speeches. Music for the first dance can be performed or played from an iPod. 

As the night progresses Brad will get the dance floor pumping on his guitar and loops. (Approximately 5 hours)

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