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Ya know piano

I’ve been really getting into playing piano lately, I’ve always known a song or two but I’ve been practicing an hour a day and learning scales (something I never did on guitar). It’s crazy how every time I play guitar now, something I didn’t realise before jumps out at me from playing piano! One half of me is annoyed I didn’t do this earlier the other half is so excited to be at the beginning of a new journey! Hopefully soon I will be able to start looping guitar, piano, trumpet, vocals and midi drums!

I played 6 gigs in 5 days this week! Ravesis, Bar Broadway, prince of York, Charlie and Frank’s, the Australian and the rag and famish! My last gig at the rag, I met the coolest elderly gentlemen! I’d say he would have been around 65ish. He got up and started dancing so outrageously while everyone was just watching, after about three songs he had the whole pub up dancing! He did not have a care who was watching. Truely inspiring. He bought me a drink after and asked me to go out in the city with him! I regret saying no now but this being over 30 thing gets hard to back up big nights now! Need to take a leaf out of my new old mates book!

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