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What Day Is It?

Oh man I have not stopped! Last week I had Friday night at Alfred hotel in Camperdown, a 40th birthday in annandale on Saturday afternoon, the rag and famish Saturday night and the Australian Hotel in the rocks on Sunday. I figured out that I played 12 gigs in 12 days! That’s the most I have ever been booked... lost my voice but ah well it’s nearly back to normal. I am so so thankful to do what I love!

The rag and famish on Saturday night was one to remember! So much fun and I met a young guy who had such an amazing voice he got up and sang a song that we learnt on the spot haha turned out awesome though! People have been cooped up for so long I think they are itching to dance, there were people on tables and shit! Good times!

The 40th on Saturday was great fun too! It’s always nice when the people you’re playing for are super hospitable and nice to you. Turns out the dad of the family was an AFL coach too, crazy.

Music is finally back! I’m so busy and I love it! So keen to record some new tunes too!

Also bit of bad news, my mate who organised my weekly Wednesday gig at Bar 34 has moved away and they have now cancelled Wednesday nights. So until further notice I won't be playing there anymore! Boooo.

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