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Welcome to a new era

Welcome to a new era! I’ve always struggled with advertising and pushing myself. Maybe it’s partly because I’m lazy or maybe I’m afraid of people’s reaction. I think those two reasons are a big part of it but they remain mostly in my sub-conscious and they can stay there for now. The main reason I hate to advertise myself is because of the bad taste that so many artists in the live music scene have left in my mouth. I cringe at the ones who have spent more time and effort finding ways to wave their hands in the air and say “look at me” than they have making music and getting into that space where time itself disappears. Their socials and signage become far more polished than the music they are playing. I guess that’s it, the main reason I make music is because it’s the realest thing I’ve ever felt since as far back as I can remember. It’s not so much for attention. Although let’s be real, everyone loves a compliment. I also have so many friends who have a billion times more talent than me but won’t even show their music to anyone. So I guess I’m trying to find the space between pushing my shit in everyones face but not living under a rock. I want to find balance between these two stances. I want to find ways to connect people with my musical journey without plastering any stage I play with signs pointing to my socials. I want to play at weddings, pubs, birthdays etc etc and actually give the people I’m playing to an authentic experience. This blog is a part of that I guess. Some terrible grammar and shitty sentences sharing stories of the gigs I play, the music I’m listening to atm and my plans for the future and in doing so, hopefully find more places to play my guitar and sing.



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