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On the road again + Recording tunes soon YEW!

Another couple of shows out at the beautiful Wolgan Valley this weekend. Due to the floods I had to fill in for someone, so two nights in a row. I met some really nice people, although one old guy asked me to "turn it down!"... the manager came and turned me up within minutes of the old dude complaining. I don't want to use this blog to rant too much but if you're at a venue with live music and its annoying you, you can move to a place where its quieter! You don't have to adjust the volume to suite you, If everyone thinks its too loud then fair enough but these people are the same people who skip someone else's song on the iPod at a party to play their own! Not to mention it's a massive shot to the musicians confidence when you're giving it your all and someone comes and says "turn it down!" theres a better way to say it haha okay thats enough of that rant.

Live music seems to be coming back! the restrictions are basically done and gigs are coming! super super exciting! I've started getting a couple of gigs around Bondi too which is awesome cause I don't have to drive. Bar 34 every Wednesday and I'm doing my first gig at Revises this coming Monday.

In the works too, at the start of May I've organised a little cabin in the middle of nowhere and I'm going to take all of my recording gear and instruments and see what I can make in a week. No service, no internet, no distractions... just me and my shit! I'm super excited to see what happens.

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