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On the Road Again!

What a weekend! I'm so lucky to have a job where I can play music in so many beautiful places. Its funny how you can become so comfortable with your dream job that you can sometimes end up complaining about it. I began the weekend annoyed at all the driving I had to do for the weekend, man if full time office three year ago me heard me complaining about that I would slap myself! Weekends like this one remind me why I do what I do though.

It all began with a drive to the beautiful Wolgan Valley, this place is seriously beautiful, I couldn't afford to have a nanny nap here let alone stay the night so I feel super blessed I get to play here. It's an interesting vibe and its taken me a few times playing here to get comfortable. The first couple of times I played I thought people weren't into the music but then they would come over as they were leaving and say how much they enjoyed it! I guess the wealthy have a different way of enjoying live music haha. On this particular Friday night though, I had forgotten my extra mic so I couldn't loop my voice, I was pretty upset but still had a great night. Not to mention Natalie Portman and her family having a little boogie to my tunes! Claim to fame. AAAAND some absolute legends left me a tip and a card which really meant so much to me that people could show such a kind gesture just to encourage me!

That night I slept in the car, honestly was a great sleep, woke up to a beautiful valley and watched some kangaroos fighting, ask me for the video if you don't believe me. I was suppose to be playing in Mudgee that night but last minute changes brought me back to Wolgan Saturday night. I got to spend the afternoon with my close friends in Mudgee though which was so good! Then round 2 at Wolgan, again Natalie and the crew having a little dance haha and a few beers with the staff afterwards. Such a great night, not to mention a real bed to sleep in too!

Lastly on Sunday I drove to Bathurst and played at a surprise 30th. I had played at the wedding of these guys and have gotten to know them over the years so it was so great to catch up with them and play some music for them and their friends. Beers and music, thats my job! What on earth haha I am so bloody lucky!

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