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New weekly gig and back at the rag baby!

Another great week! I'm super excited about a new gig I have picked up, Bar 34 in Bondi every Wednesday from 8:30-10:30pm. It's so good cause I love the atmosphere of this place and its also just down the road from my house so win win! I've met some really cool people from this venue, my man Tony runs an open mic here every Tuesday and it goes off!

I also played at Anchor bar on Thursday, its just a few doors up from Bar 34, super chill place, really cool staff and a great space. I was super grateful for my mates who came out on a school night (sorry mum). We also did a little test for a map I've been working on, I'm sure I'll talk about it more down the track but its for live music obviously. Helping people stay in touch and get connected with up and coming artists.

Friday night was back at the good ol Rag and Famish! I forgot how much I love this place! barely played here since cover but I used to play here all the time. I fell like this venue just suits my music taste! Always have the funnest jams here and theres always plenty of super drunk, super appreciative people ready to let their hair down after a big work week. Not to mention the staff always make me feel so at home.

My Sunday gig in Huskisson was cancelled from the floods which was a shame, instead I spent all day messing around with my new Maschine+... I am so bloody keen to start bringing this to gigs. It's so fun but super complicated so it might be a while till I've figure it out. Oh yeah I started jamming Kurt Vile's Pretty Pimping! funnest song to play!


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