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Nerdy gear post alert

This week I started using maschine in my set! Maschine is basically a DAW but for using live. It is incredible what you can do with it but also super complicated so I’m just starting off slowly and getting use the the feel of it by plugging it through my loop pedal and just using some drum samples. I also got my electric out but realised I haven’t changed the strings in over a year so it didn’t stay out long!

I love that with performing there is always a way to get better and add something into your set. A year ago I was still learning how to use my loop pedal properly and now that I’ve got that down, it’s time to bring in something else!

I got to play at a place called the prince of York in the city this week. Super nice restaurant and bar, I had a great time and I highly recommend checking it out. The staff there are legends and they are currently doing six weeks straight of music to try and help out all of the musos that struggled through lock down.

Saturday was at the Australian heritage hotel in the rocks. Another sick venue and a few of my mates came along so it was a time! Then down to husky on the Sunday for a last minute gig at Kanpai. I bloody love the south coast! I want to live there.

I got a bit emotional listening to xxxtentation’s album 17 this week. Killer album. RIP

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