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Love is in the air!

Oh man I love playing weddings! Everyone is happy, free beers, the family is all together and we’re celebrating two people committing their entire lives to each other! A very old tradition that has stood the test of time.

My first one this weekend was with my good pal D Webb at a beautiful venue in orange nsw called Zona. Great place. Coincidentally ran into some friends who were guests. The night got quite wild, in a good way. Lots of dancing! Good times.

Second wedding for the weekend was at Waldara in Oberon. Man oh man! What a stunning location, the staff and the couple getting married along with their friends and families were so lovely! Made me feel so at home, even lending me a jacket as the night got cold. I played for the whole day and then dj for the dance floor. Fun fun fun! Also coincidentally the photographers, the musicians and the celebrant were the same for the first and second wedding! Such a great bunch of people to work with, check them out...

Also I’ve been digging Valarie lately! Part of me doesn’t want to play it because it’s a song all wedding singers play but then it’s such a great song maybe that’s why everyone does! Haha

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