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Let Me Work!

Ah man this bloody virus! What an absolute stitch up. It's been tough the last few weeks not knowing when I will be able to make a living again and watching my savings slowly fade into my rent and food for the week! I know its been tough for so many people but its particularly hard for those of us who cannot work at all and have no choice in the matter. AHHHH!

On a much happier note! I spent the week before lock down in a good friend of mines cabin out in the middle of nowhere and wrote some songs. Lock down has been a good chance for me to refine the songs and mix them all. I can't wait to finish it! Thats the thing, I'm not bored, I have so much stuff I can do I just don't get money for it haha

Anyway, whinge whinge whinge! I can't wait to get back out there when this next wave passes!


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