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Man what a month! I cannot believe how quick it went! I only lost a few gigs due to Covid which is nice and there are plenty of things in the works for 2022.

I went from Orange to Wollongong, down to the south coast and all around Sydney with a few new venues added to list. Such a great time, I feel so lucky to do what I love as a job! To be given the opportunity to constantly better my skills and meet new people and see new places is honestly a dream. I am booking a lot of weddings as of late too! As you could imagine there's quite a lot backed up and I think a lot of couples are going out on a limb and booking musicians they haven't met. It makes me so happy when someone new books me for their wedding, because there is nothing I enjoy more than putting my heart and soul into making the music the best it can possibly be for their big day! Weddings are by far the funnest events I ever get to play!

Big appreciation post!

Also I had to learn Queens of the Stone Age - Make it Witchu for a wedding. It's easily my favourite song to play now! Love when couples have good song requests!

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