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D D D D Byron Bay DJ

I had the privilege of playing at my friend's wedding on the weekend. Seriously such a beautiful wedding! I got to play guitar for the ceremony and first half of the reception and then Dj for the rest of the night! I'm really enjoying Doing lately. I feel like its one of those things that you can get away with being okay at but its endless to how good you can get at it. I mean, one of the biggest skills is just reading the room and knowing what song EVERYONE is going to want to dance to. Seeing the future! Shit maybe I spent too long in Byron haha.

It was quite the journey though, I had a really great car trip up, listened to an audio book (12 more rules for life). I honestly find it to be so challenging and amazingly brilliant, I had to pause it every now and then just to sit and take in the wisdom. Also listened to some good Jams, learnt some lyrics to some songs. The eight hour trip went seamingly quick.

I spent the night at my friends in Mullumbimby, it was great to catch up! Then I got a little to drunk at the wedding to drive back to Mullum, so a generous couple from the wedding were kind enough to let me stay at their motel around the corner from the wedding in the spare bed! haha life of a musician! Good people!

I had a bit of a dilemma on the way home when my stupid bloody car decided to break down on a Sunday when no mechanics were open! Not to mention that particular Sunday happened to have an Aus Tag tournament on in the beautiful town of Coffs Harbour, causing all of the accomodation to be non vacant! I finally found a motel and chilled out for the afternoon, found an excellent mechanic on Monday morning who fixed my car super cheap as well and got me back on my way. Made it home ready for another busy AF week of gigs! Yew!

Song of the week. No Diggity - Black Street

Also the TDWP are bringing out a Zombies 2 EP! they've released two songs so far and I love them! Kind of makes me wish I was still in a metal band. Don't think that would go down well at weddings though haha.

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