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I accidentally missed a week, it's been all go here on the brad white musician front. I finished uni last week so that took up a lot of my time. Since I last reported though, I've played at The rag and famish, a new place on the south coast called cooked goose on hyams, bar broadway, the Alfred, Ravesis, Wolgan valley and another new venue for me in St Leonards called Charlie and franks. I've also had a couple venues pull out last minute (won't mention names) but it's super frustrating trying to organise your work week when someone messes you around. I guess thats what you get when you work for yourself sometimes, It's just frustrating when you block out a date for a venue and say no to others only to get cancelled last minute, gets a bit stressful for the old pay check! ANNNYway enough complaining.

I wanted to write a bit about the cooked goose in Hyams beach and Charlie and Franks in St Leonards. Cooked goose has just started doing live music I believe once a month on a Saturday night. This place is amazing, the guys that run it are absolute legends and you can see how hard they work to make the place so nice. Amazing food and just an all round great atmosphere. Hyams beach is such a beautiful small place and they've done an amazing job at keeping that vibe, they definitely made me feel super welcome and the jams were so easy! 100% give them a visit.

Charlie and Franks are also just starting up live music on Friday nights. Another amazing business. They are located in such an amazing area its surprising that there aren't more venues around them doing music. It's going to be a great place for a few cocktails/beers and dinner and jams on a Friday night. Myself and some of my mates will be playing there frequently so come check it out.

If I'm hundred percent honest I've been playing so much lately that at times I start to feel tired. Because of this, I've been working hard to try and incorporate some new instruments into my set to keep it interesting and myself progressing... stay tuned!

Song I'm loving ATM is is this love by Bob Marley. I started singing the chorus over a different song not long ago and over the last couple of gigs its turned into my own weird version of it haha definitely enjoying it though!


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