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April you crazy mofo!

Holy shit! Gigs are coming in left right and center and I could not be anymore grateful. It’s been a hard year for everyone particularly in the music world but it finally looks like there is hope again. I’m trying not to google anything about the recent outbreak in Byron though, I’m feeling for everyone involved with blues fest. Fingers crossed this blows over like the last Sydney outbreak.

So this weekend was mental! It hasn’t finished for me yet either. I started off going to the beach Friday morning before I drove to orange. My girlfriend and I were looking around saying “why the hell are there so many people at the beach on a Friday morning?” Then it dawned on us it was a public holiday! (You forget about these type of days when everyday is a holiday) {sweet brag} So I quickly went home packed my gear and headed for Orange. It was 11am and I didn’t play until 6pm. 8.5 hours later!!! I made it to Orange, traffic was insane! Luckily I was playing with my good friend D. Webb so he had to play solo for the first part. Super fun gig though.

The next day was a nice little jam at the agrestic, my little sister sang with me which is always a time. Then off to Mudgee to play with a sax player named Junio. We met about an hour before we played a four hour set together! No song list, nothing, just improv jamming. Holy hell was this dude talented! Not only that but an absolute legend of a guy. We had the funnest set at the Woolpack in Mudgee and then I accidentally stayed up playing pool and borrowing too much of the following days happiness. Always worth it at the Woolpack though.

Back to Orange the following morning to play at the greenhouse, such a fun set. The sun was out people were chilling, was a time. Then finally an afternoon to relax! Had an Easter egg hunt with my niece and nephews. Sleep, then up to drive back to Sydney for another show at ravesis hotel.

Ravesis was awesome! I had a few tech issues at the start and my voice was croaky as feeerk, but I had the best time. Some soldiers were still bendering on and were ready for a boogie and a sing along! Woo! Off to wolgan valley tonight! I am bloody tired but so happy to have so much work!

Also, I bought a camera so when I finally find some time I’ll start posting some madness from all these stories, that way you’ll know I’m not lying!


Oh yeah... songs I’ve been jamming this week. Candy paint - post Malone, Goose bumps - Travis scott, peaches - Justin Bieber

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