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I got to play a couple of gigs back in Orange this weekend! I always love heading home and seeing my family and friends. I got to go to one of my oldest friends engagement parties which was awesome to see some old faces I hadn't in years.

On Friday night I played in Bathurst at the Vic, nice little pub that really get around live music! At the start of the night there didn't seem to be too much of a reaction from the crowd but by the end of the set the whole room was super encouraging and seemed engaged. It was nice. I met a couple after the set who were travelling for a few weeks in their van. They had just got engaged too, I might even play at their wedding one day haha will see!

Saturday night was the blind pig! My goal in life is to play a sober gig at the pig! It is just too much fun, no matter how hard I try I cannot help but get drunk as hell playing here! haha! The crowd is always so much fun and John and the guys at the pig have done the best job in making that place what it is now! Its got so much character and the LOVE music! It's awesome to see! John always gets up and plays a few songs with me which is super fun! they film and record all their shows too so you can watch it here...

I sincerely apologise in advance about this set haha, I can imagine it will sound terrible but the atmosphere in the place was fun and we had some great dancing and sing alongs!


Song of the week... Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc Also Durag Activity by Baby Keem!

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